Thermal physicians and staff

Thermal physicians

  • Dr SAID Hatem

    Endocrinologist, diabetologist, metabolic diseases and thermal physician

    CH Paul Ribeyre

    07600 Vals les Bains

    Tél : 04 75 37 88 70

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  • Dr JOURET Eric

    General physician and thermal

    116 bis Rue Jean Jaures

    07600 VALS-LES-BAINS

    Tél : 04 75 37 57 08

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  • Dr RUIZ Centurion Hector

    Physical and rehabilitative medicine, musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve pathologies, thermal medicine, electromyography, manual therapy, acupuncture

    Physician’s office
    15 Avenue Paul Ribeyre
    07600 VALS-LES-BAINS

    Tél : 04 75 37 04 64 – Possibility to make an appointment on Doctolib

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  • Dr Nicolas CORINCIG

    General physician

    1 avenue de la soie

    07200 St PRIVAT

    Tél : 07 85 62 03 07

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  • Dr D'abrigeon


    Physician’s office Thermes de Neyrac

    300 ronde du parc
    07380 Meyras

    Tél : 06 81 64 68 21

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  • Dr FAY Isabelle

    General physician

    114 bis rue Jean JAURES

    07600 VALS-LES-BAINS

    Tél : 04 75 37 43 14

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Nursing staff

There are two resident nurses who take it in turns to listen to you, answer your questions and follow you during your treatment plan. They also offer Wednesday evening themed workshops: understanding diabetes, treatments for diabetes and glycated haemoglobin.

– On Monday afternoons, they lead a workshop about treatment benefits.

Diploma in diabetology

Care staff

Our care staff are qualified to offer you optimal care.


Our dietician leads workshops every Thursday around different subject areas. The rest of the week, she is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you with your diet. She is also available for individual dietary consultations. Diploma in diabetology


Our lifeguard is on site from Monday to Saturday to supervise the swimming facilities. He is also on hand to give you advice, offer swimming lessons and lead aquagym classes.

Beauty therapists

Our beauty therapists are available for appointments from Monday to Saturday – perfect for some me-time and relaxation.


Available for massages prescribed by the spa physicians.


Our psychologist is on site every Friday. She offers two workshops during the day which cover different topics: beliefs and ideas about food, managing emotions, stress and diabetes, do-in self-massage … you can also arrange private appointments.

Welcome staff

We have four welcome staff to help you plan your treatments, make appointments and answer any questions you may have.


Here you can find thermal cosmetic products, bath accessories as well as gift ideas.

Maintenance technicians

Our two maintenance technicians work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of our facilities.

Physiotherapy Manager

Available from Monday to Friday, our physiotherapy manager is in charge of our physiotherapists and lifeguards. He is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Our manager is available every afternoon, and available for pre-arranged appointments.